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Our Story

LOT61 is where the salty scene of Bondi and Venice intersects the grit and grind of Carlo and Williamsburg.

It’s always been about finding a better way. Our goal is to realize a vision by following an itch to discover and be the best.

We left home with a sense of adventure in search of a more fulfilling life: exploring new places, ideas and influences puts a spring in our step. We’re at our imaginative best when we’re using our hands to ply our craft - doing things as they should be done.

But we do what we do for the people. Nothing brings us more joy than firing up the roaster, opening the doors and serving our community.

Who are we?



We’re for the mavericks.

We're for the outlaws.



Our Sustainability Journey

We’re on a mission to become a circular coffee brand in every aspect of our field. With that we mean that we want to make sure that we use natural resources - materials, energy, water - in a way that future generations are able to meet their own needs. We'll try our very best to leave a positive impact.

As a part of this, we will be doing everything from using reusable or easily recyclable products to lowering our carbon footprint to re-thinking all our modes of transport, power and much more. This journey is in our DNA, it's something that we will always be fine-tuning and trying to be better at.

Logo of the LOT61 BCorp Certification

We’re on a mission to become a circular coffee brand in every aspect of our field.

We exist to awaken people to the joy of craft.

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