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The Crafter - Carecups by Eleanore

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Written by Danielle Rueb

December 02, 2020

The Crafter of Carecups - Eleanore Troost

Posted in News

by Danielle Rueb

Trends are created by innovators, popularised by early-adopters and destroyed by everybody else. Cafe trends come and go, so positioning your cafe to be on trend is a short term game that needs to be managed with long term strategy.

"A collaboration that has grown into something larger and completely changed my mindset of circularity and my personal carbon footprint"

My passion is making porcelain, ceramics and functional tableware. My studio is in Amsterdam where I have lived for the past 5 years, actually not far from LOT61 cafe on the Kinkerstraat. The real introduction to LOT61 was creating their reusable take away cup, a collaboration that has grown into something larger and completely changed my mindset of circularity and my personal carbon footprint. As a secondary wave, I also got more of a coffee education and have been converted to the specialty coffee scene.  

When was your most defining coffee moment?

I don’t remember having one specific moment but several. Working so closely with a roastery has really opened up my world to specialty coffee, and its a completely different drinking experience. Pairing that with how to elevate a drinking experience through ceramics has been more defining in my experience. 

What is the last thing you learned and what would you like to learn next?

I have learned to trust my intuition in any decision making process; it is so powerful and always feels so good to approach decisions in that way. I would like to study and learn much more about Art starting from the 20th century; I would be thrilled to guide groups or individuals in the Stedelijk Museum, my favourite museum here in Amsterdam. 

Where would you rather be if you could time travel?

In the picturesque Udine, in the Northeast of Italy, one hours drive up North from Venice. My grandson of almost 2 lives there, I miss him a lot. My son is a football player for the Udinese team (Series A). They moved to Italy 2 years ago shortly after my grandson was born. My grandson is very blond and attracts a lot of attention ‘Che bella bionda’. 

How does coffee impact your business?

My company is ‘Florele Ceramics’, produces porcelain functional items. I love making cups specifically,  which is where my new business ‘Carecups’ has come in. 

Porcelain it is such a basic, yet essential item. My clients predominantly order cups for coffee drinking, whether that’s for usage in their cafe or to sell retail. So in many ways my work is either directly or closely linked to coffee.

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